New features TOP SYSTEM

Top System Drive main features

Characteristic surface propulsions Top System DriveNew joint system: intelligent propulsions with independent surface propellers

  • Product made of stainless steel: robust and reliable
  • Wide application range: with 12 models from 100 kw to 3000kw
  • Management system: specific control surface drive
  • Competitiveness: favourable quality/price ratio, quick and on-time delivery, excellent service and clients assistance
  • Flexibility for the clients: feasible custom products, technical support in planning and implementation phases
  • Research and development: Continuous development of the product

The constant research of excellence has brought Top System products to quality and performance standards which are unlikely reachable on the market.

Top System propulsions with surface propellers are independent, without the coupling tie bar. The steering gear is not hydraulic anymore, but electro-hydraulic: Steer by wire.

Innovative systems? Top System Drive!


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