Main Top System Features

Surface Drive System:

Driving Top System is easy and safe, because also at high speeds there is the total lack of vibrations and unexpected reactions to the rudder, thanks to the exclusive power-assisted steering gear system.

The directional recessed fins, that can be dismantled, allows the usual maintenance procedures without disassembling the hull’s drive.

Top System Drive Pinna

The homologated hydraulic cylinders R.I.Na. are realized in stainless steel with protective foldings on all the stems slidings.

Top System Drive Steli

The protective foldings of the joint are made of a particular nitrile rubber, oils and acids proof, designed with forms especially studied in order to not interfere with the hydrodynamic flows.

Top System Drive Soffietti

The whole components such as shafts, joints, bearings are made of extreme high quality materials.

Thanks to the hydraulic cylinders, the propellant system with surface propellers Top System is trimmable, in other words, it allows to modify the propeller draft (± 20°) optimizing, in relation to the trim of the hull, the perfect draft of the supercavitating propeller.

In addition, the system is brandable with angles ± 15° considering the neutral shaft, allowing to direct the propeller flow in order to obtain an excellent result in terms of management in manoeuvre but, above all, in terms of direction changes, also at high speeds.

Sistema Propulsione TopSystem

Surface drive Top System propulsion

In the pilot bridge the system is controlled through the trim visualization equipment and the rudder angle equipment. To drive the trim there are two independent control joysticks, whereas the steering gear is activated by the rudder.

Italcraft Top System

Italcraft e Top System Surface drive propulsion

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