Surface propellers Top Drive System, marine propulsion systems High Efficiency

Surface Drive TS Components

Components of the propulsion Surface Drive Top System

Application Surface Drive TS 85 – Drago 70

Propulsion system Top System Surface Drives TS 85 applied on the boat Italcraft Drago 70

New features TOP SYSTEM

The constant research of excellence has brought Top System products to quality and performance standards which are unlikely reachable on the market. Top System propulsions with surface propellers are independent, without the coupling tie bar. The steering gear is not hydraulic anymore, but electro-hydraulic: Steer by wire.

Application Surface Drive TS120 – Italcraft 105

Surface Drives TS120 top of the Top Range System installed in Italcraft 105, impressive to see in action these surface propellers

Application Surface Drive TS75S – InCRedible 55’

Top System Surface Drives TS75S installation on boat InRizzardi InCRedible 55 '

Application Surface Drive TS105 – Italcraft 90

Application propulsion system Top System TS 105 of Italcraft 90

Application Surface Drive TE on Bat 745

Application Surface Drive TE on Bat 745 Artick, propulsion system to the surface propellers. Handling and fun in total safety and low maintenance

Application Surface Drive TS on Bat 745

Application Top System Surface Drives of Bat 745 ARTIK FB

Application Surface Drive TS 45 on Dariel Phantasia

Installation example propulsive Top System Surface Drives system with surface propellers of boats Dariel Phantasia