Top System, marine transmissions for high-performance surface drives, improve performance, speed and fuel consumption

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Surface propellers drives

Top System is a system of drives with surface propellers of variable trim and direction. The Top System Surface Drive is suitable to planing motor boats of high performances with a range of features so far out of reach, which goes from 300 up to 4000 hp. Suitable also to the maxi and mega yachts, which want to obtain high performances with contained costs and weights.

Lubrication surface propellers drive

Inside the engine room there are two level tanks which allow to visualize the levels and to control the infiltrations. The filling of the first room has to be done by a pump equipped with a drain cap. The second room has to be filled always by a pump with motor oil SAE 15/40.

New features TOP SYSTEM

The constant research of excellence has brought Top System products to quality and performance standards which are unlikely reachable on the market. Top System propulsions with surface propellers are independent, without the coupling tie bar. The steering gear is not hydraulic anymore, but electro-hydraulic: Steer by wire.

Competing Propulsion Systems Surface Drives

Currently, the supercavitating propellers propulsion systems made on the market, which use joint systems called “ball joint”, present structural problems originated from failures of mechanical components.