Top System Easy Trim and Easy Dock

Electronic control systems surface drives Top System

The propelling system Top System presents revolutionary products in the world of surface drive.

The products currently available for the clients are:

  • Easy Trim
  • Easy Dock

Top System CED management system of the propulsion system

Easy trim TopSystem

Integrated system connected to the engines Can net, of which it visualizes all the data, in order to realize the total control of Trim and flap.

This amazing product allows to control automatically trim and flap, without the pilot has to control the trim. It is necessary only to set up the kind of the wanted navigation among the three following:

  • CRUISE the system favors the comfort and the smallest consumption liter / mile
  • SPORT the system considers only the highest performance
  • ROUGH in case of very rough sea waters, it controls the plane trim, optimizing the boat performance

Easy dock TopSystem

Products realized in world preview for the surface drives.

Easy dock joistick Topsystem 

Top System Joystick allows to use the boat in manoeuvre working with the propellers and to obtain the same results of the other propelling systems using it. The drives are independent without the tie bar.

Top System CED management system of the propulsion system Top System CED management system of the propulsion system

The steering gear is not hydraulic, but electro-hydraulic, called “steer by wire”.

Besides used for the manoeuvres, the system has the possibility to be used in cruise, replacing rudder wheel and engine control levers.


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