Top System Joint

Technology of the patented joint Top System surface drive propulsion

The drive joint takes place through a particular universal joint system patented by Top System. This system obtains performances of complete strength, simplicity of use and, above all, it allows to obtain a better performance in terms of “trim” of drive. Another important function of Top System joint is to support the torsion of the whole equipment (in other propellant systems with spherical joint this function is conducted by the trim cylinder).


The system is composed of supports made of stainless steel with bronze journal boxes.

Top System - boccole

The central portion of the system is articulated and composed by a main dinghy where spheres are housed, which allow the two supports to modify the position mutually, both in vertical and in horizontal way; the detail is made of stainless steel AISI 316.

Top System costruzione AISI 316

The application and the use of spherical supports (a commercial kind of rebored spheres made of tempered steel) is determinant for the manoeuvrability of the drive, which increases also in relation to the features of functionality and mechanical resistance. The stop of the spherical bodies is given by some threaded journal boxes made of Nibral (alloy of bronze and aluminum).

The activation of the joint system takes place through two supports of fastening: the supports are connected one to the stern ship, the other to the stern tube; these supports will get from the joint the grade (≈30°) which will allow the draft of the desired propeller. The supports are composed of two threaded holes located 180° where the journal box, trimming the tightening of the sphere, is screwed.


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