Surface Drive propulsion systems – TopSystem

Marine propulsion systems for surface propellers

Independent surface propellers

Nautical propulsion with independent surface propellers, without the coupling tie bar with electro-hydraulic steering system Steer by wire

Nautical propulsion systems

Propulsion systems with surface propellers with trim and variable direction for high performance planing boats.

Application Surface Drive TS 55 – Sarima Powerboat P1

Application Top System Surface Drives TS 55 of Sarima P1
1 February 2020/by Francesco Fiorentino

Surface propellers drives

Top System is a system of drives with surface propellers of variable trim and direction.

The Top System Surface Drive is suitable to planing motor boats of high performances with a range of features so far out of reach, which goes from 300 up to 4000 hp.

Suitable also to the maxi and mega yachts, which want to obtain high performances with contained costs and weights.
31 January 2020/by Francesco Fiorentino

Application Surface Drive TS 45 – Stilmar 42

Application of propulsion "Top System" TS system 45 of RIB luxury Stilmar 42
30 January 2020/by Francesco Fiorentino

Application Surface Drive TT 45 on Italcraft XT

Installation marine propulsion Top System Surface Drives TT 45 of Italcraft XT Racing
30 January 2020/by Francesco Fiorentino

Application Surface Drive TS 65 on InCRedible 45

Application surface propellers made by Top System for Boat "InCRedible" 45’ InRizzardi
29 January 2020/by Francesco Fiorentino

Surface Drive TS Components

Components of the propulsion Surface Drive Top System
29 January 2020/by Vincenzo Tuccio

Application Surface Drive TS 85 – Drago 70

Propulsion system Top System Surface Drives TS 85 applied on the boat Italcraft Drago 70
28 January 2020/by Vincenzo Tuccio

Lubrication surface propellers drive

Inside the engine room there are two level tanks which allow to visualize the levels and to control the infiltrations.

The filling of the first room has to be done by a pump equipped with a drain cap.
The second room has to be filled always by a pump with motor oil SAE 15/40.
26 January 2020/by Francesco Fiorentino

Range propulsion systems for surface propellers

Top System Surface Drive TS 55

Top System Surface Drive TS 55, sistema di propulsione con coppia max. applicabile di 2800 NM con elica di superficie. La potenza massima applicabile è riferita ad un solo motore. I rapporti di riduzione sono indicativi.

Design features propulsion systems TopSystem Drive

Joint Folding

To produce this kind of folding some researches and tests have been made, in order to obtain the mix of the nitrile rubber with feature of resistance to the oil and to the fire.

TopSystem DRIVE – Easy SET

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